Beginning Xcode: Swift Edition. 2nd Edition

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Beginning Xcode: Swift Edition. 2nd Edition by Matthew Knott

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Welcome to Beginning Xcode, the book that aims to give you all the knowledge to start writing applications using what is probably the most powerful integrated development environment (IDE) ever. And that IDE is free.

As with many Apple products, Xcode has simplicity and ease of use in abundance, but don’t be fooled: the shiny exterior masks a workhorse of a tool, incredibly powerful and with an extensive set of integrated tools for every eventuality. Xcode is the development environment that all other IDEs have a poster of pinned to their bedroom walls.

Xcode hasn’t always been this shining Rock God of awesomeness; it used to be a sorry band of ragtag applications. When I first picked up Xcode 3 in 2007, I remember going through a multitude of different applications to perform varying tasks, such as the very basic Interface Builder, and finding out how to adapt my knowledge of C into Objective-C. Back then, what I really wanted was something that showed me how to get the most out of Xcode and could give me the understanding I needed to get going with the hundreds of app ideas I had in my head.

Fast-forward seven years, and both Xcode and I have come a long way. I feel as if I’ve gone from being a kid, bumping my leaky paddleboat aimlessly around a lake, to being a handsome sea captain at the prow of my vessel, gazing forth as I slice through choppy waves with grace and ease. Well, aside from the handsome part, the analogy is a good one. Xcode 6is more complete and powerful than ever before: it’s an integrated product that puts in your hands the same power used by the developers at Apple who write the apps found in iOS and Mac OS X.

I’ve always had a mixed experience with development books and have often been sick of building the same old apps again and again. In this book I’ve aimed to take you through almost every facet of Xcode, helping you to understand the capabilities of each of the key areas as you build a number of cool and exciting projects along the way and come to grips with the new Swift programing language. By the end of the book, you should be ready to turn the ideas in your head into reality—and I can’t wait to see what that looks like.



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