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Broadband Bible by James E. Gaskin

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Speed kills boredom on the Web. Broadband makes Web sites that were dull yesterday snap and dance today. Now that every person in the United States and Canada has at least one option for broadband service, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a Web more interactive (and intelligent) than any TV show on the market.

Connecting your home or small business to a broadband service provider costs less today than ever. The tools you need are easily available, often as close as a CompUSA or Target or even Radio Shack. Why waste time waiting on the Web? Why not whip through the Web, grab what you want, and get on with your life?

Nothing in this book is beyond a typical home computer user’s ability to purchase, install, or enjoy. If you have a computer, you can benefit from broadband service. If you have two computers, you benefit twice as much. If you have an office at home that you might want to connect to your business, everything you need is in here.

Jump in. Explore the Internet in ways you couldn’t before. Download videos and music that you never considered in the past because of their file sizes. Finally, turn your computer into something more fun than an automated Solitaire game. Do all this easily, inexpensively, and without needing to cut a hole in your wall for wires or worry about security. Follow the directions in here, and you will connect effortlessly, protect your data in a variety of ways, and stop wondering if your computer was working for you or against you. With broadband access and the information in here, you computer will become your transport to more information and entertainment than ever before.



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