C# 6.0 Cookbook, 4th Edition

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C# 6.0 Cookbook: Solutions for C# Developers, 4th Edition by Jay Hilyard

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C# is a language targeted at developers for the Microsoft .NET platform. Microsoft portrays C# as a modern and innovative language for .NET development and continues to deliver on that in C# 6.0 with features that help support dynamic programming, parallel programming, and writing less code. C# still allows for both declarative and functional styles of programming, and still includes great object-oriented features as well. In short, C# allows you to use the style of programming that fits your particular problem.

We started writing this book together based on programming problems we ran into when we were first learning C#, and we have continued to expand it based on new challenges and capabilities in the language. In this edition, we have reworked the approach of many solutions to take advantage of the latest innovations in C# like the new expression-level (nameof, string interpolation, null conditional, index initializers), member declaration (auto-property initializers, getter-only auto-properties, expression-bodied function members), and statement-level (exception filters) features. We have also incorporated new uses of dynamic programming (C# 4.0) and asynchronous programming (C# 5.0) into both existing and new recipes to help you understand how to use these language features.

We hope that these additions will help you get past some of the common (and not-socommon) pitfalls and questions everyone has when learning C# for the first time, exploring a new capacity of the language, or working on the slightly off-the-beatenpath items that come up during a development cycle. There are recipes addressing things we found missing from the .NET Framework Class Library (FCL), even though Microsoft has provided tons of functionality to keep folks from reinventing the wheel. Some of these solutions you might immediately use, and some may never darken your door, but we hope this book helps you get the most out of C# and the .NET Framework.

The book is laid out with respect to the types of problems you will solve as you progress through your life as a C# programmer. These solutions are called recipes; each recipe consists of a single problem, its solution, a discussion of the solution and other relevant related information, and finally, a list of resources such as where in the FCL you can find more information about the classes used, other books addressing the topic, related articles, and other recipes. The question/answer format provides complete solutions to problems, making the book easy to read and use. Nearly every recipe contains a complete, documented code sample, showing you how to solve the specific problem, as well as a discussion of how the underlying technology works and a list of alternatives, limitations, and other considerations when appropriate.



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