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AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook by Jayme Schroeder

AndEngine is an excellent, full-featured, free, and open source 2D framework for the Android platform. It is one of few 2D frameworks for the Android platform which is consistently being used to create stylish and fun games by both independent and professional developers alike, and has even been used in some of the most successful games on the market to date. However, it takes more than just using a specific framework to achieve success. AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook provides many informative walkthroughs relating to the most important aspects of AndEngine at a general game-programming level. The book covers everything from the life cycle of an AndEngine game to placing sprites on the scene and moving them around, all the way through to creating destructible objects and raycasting techniques. Even more importantly, this book is entirely based on AndEngine's latest and most efficient Anchor-Center branch.

Who this book is for

AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook is geared toward developers who are interested in working with the most up-to-date version of AndEngine, sporting the brand new GLES 2.0 Anchor-Center branch. The book will be helpful for developers who are attempting to break into the mobile game market intending to release fun and exciting games while eliminating a large portion of the learning curve that is otherwise inevitable when getting into AndEngine development.



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