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An Introduction to Network Programming with Java: Java 7 Compatible by Jan Graba

It is now 7 years since I wrote the second edition of An Introduction to Network Programming with Java and so, when approached to produce a third edition, I felt that it was an appropriate time to agree to do so (possibly rather later than it should have been). One of the very fi rst things that I did after being approached was examined the literature to fi nd out what texts had been produced in the Java/network pro gramming area in the interim period, and so what the current state of the competition was. (Though I had had a strong interest in this area for a considerable number of years, I had also been involved in other areas of software development, of course, and hadn’t had cause to examine the literature in this area for some time.) To my great surprise, I found that virtually nothing of any consequence had been produced in this area during those years! Of course, this was a very welcome surprise and provided further impetus to go ahead with the project.

The changes in this third edition are not as profound as those in the second edition, largely because Java 5 brought in major language changes (both network and non-network) that needed to be refl ected in the second edition, whereas neither Java 6 nor Java 7 has had such an impact, particularly in the area of network programming. One major change that did occur during this time, and is worth mentioning, was Sun’s takeover by Oracle in April of 2009, but this has had no signifi cant effect on the way in which Java has been developed.

Since the changes that have been necessary since the second edition are somewhat more small-scale than those that were desirable after the fi rst edition, I think that it would be useful to give a chapter-by-chapter indication of what has been changed, what has been introduced that wasn’t there before and, in some cases, what has been removed completely (the last of these hopefully resulting in a more ‘streamlined’ product). Consequently, the great bulk of the remainder of this preface will comprise a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of those changes.



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