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Adobe Acrobat 6 PDF For Dummies by Greg Harvey

Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) is just now starting to fulfill its promise as a truly transportable file format that enables people to share sophisticated electronic documents across a wide array of otherwise incompatible computer platforms without requiring access to either the software that generated the documents or the fonts used in the documents. Part of the proof of this statement is evidenced in the ever-growing presence of PDF documents, especially on the World Wide Web.

Nowadays, you can hardly browse the Web without encountering sites that present some of their online information as PDF files. In fact, so many sites offer their standard reports, registration and feedback forms, and industry white papers as downloadable PDF files that few seasoned business users remain unfamiliar with the PDF format (even if they’re not exactly sure what it is) or the free Adobe Reader software used to open, read, and print documents saved in it.

Beyond the popularity of PDF for information-sharing on the Internet, PDF is also becoming increasingly popular as the format to use for prepress documents, eBook publishing, document review, and document archiving. To ready PDF files for these additional roles, you naturally graduate from the world of the free Adobe Reader and Acrobat eBook Reader to that of Acrobat 6. Acrobat 6 (which, unlike the free Adobe Reader, you must purchase) is Adobe’s latest version of its all-in-one utility for editing, annotating, and managing documents saved in PDF.

As the name Acrobat implies, this utility enables you to juggle the many roles it can assign PDF files with relative ease. All that’s required of you is a keen sense of the role or roles you want your PDF document to fulfill along with a careful reading of the pertinent sections of this book.



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