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Adobe ColdFusion Anthology: Clear and Concise Concepts from the Fusion Authority by Michael Dinowitz

Almost as long as there's been ColdFusion, House of Fusion has been there to support the ColdFusion community. This support started with the House of Fusion web site, mailing lists, and forums, then logically led to the Fusion Authority News Alerts, which in turn led to the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update (FAQU). FAQU was designed not to give just the latest news but to give in-depth technical articles, professionally edited and designed to give readers of every level an understanding of the topic at hand.

This book takes the best articles from the Fusion Authority issues, updates them with the latest information, and provides them to you with the same quality editorial that Fusion Authority is known for. Our goal, as always, is for you to understand what's going on. If you don't, we've failed. Articles are divided into the following sections: ColdFusion Fundamentals, Document Creation in ColdFusion, Essentials to Server Productivity, Communicating and Integrating with Other Technologies, Object-Oriented Programming, ColdFusion Frameworks, Designing the User Interface, and Development Tools.

ColdFusion Fundamentals

The five articles in this section touch on topics that are key to understanding and creating effective ColdFusion applications: Application.cfc, User-Defined Functions (UDFs) and ColdFusion Components (CFCs), onMissingTemplate(), and onMissingMethod().

Document Creation in ColdFusion

The two articles in this section focus on key elements of document creation: PDFs and images. Recent advances in ColdFusion have made PDF and image manipulation easier and more versatile.

Essentials to Server Productivity

How you handle the elements in this section – the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), asynchronous gateways, and the organization of your database code – can boost or hinder your server productivity.

Communicating and Integrating with Other Technologies

In this section, we group together articles about technologies external to ColdFusion – web services, email, Microsoft Exchange and BlazeDS – that can add power and flexibility to the ColdFusion application.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Learning to create object-oriented applications requires a shift in thought about the architecture of your application as a whole. In these articles, our authors help you make this shift, addressing such issues as "Why bother?", learning the terminology of OO, and then looking at specific, more advanced techniques in object-oriented design.

ColdFusion Frameworks

Frameworks organize your application, reduce the amount of work that has to be done, and standardize the application, allowing multiple developers to work on the same application with less confusion. These articles cover most of the major frameworks in ColdFusion: what they are, why you'd use them, and how to get started.

Designing the User Interface

ColdFusion provides many tags, functions, and techniques to help create rich front ends for your applications. Two of the articles -- "JSON and CFAJAXPROXY in ColdFusion" and "Creating Dynamic Presentations in ColdFusion" – are hands-on tutorials on how to use ColdFusion's layout and presentation functionality, while the other two articles take a higher-level look at user interface design and architecture.

Development Tools

In our last section, we look at the tools that will increase your productivity. We cover IDEs (Eclipse and ColdFusion Builder), the ColdFusion Debugger built into ColdFusion 8 and 9, and source control and automation tools (Subversion and Ant).

This book is another step toward our goal of making ColdFusion programmers more knowledgeable, more successful, and in the end, more salable.



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