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Android Developer Tools Essentials: Android Studio to Zipalign by Mike Wolfson

If you are reading this book, it’s likely that you already know a little about Android development and how challenging it can be. Learning to effectively use the standard Android Developer Tools (ADT) can make the development process easier and improve the quality of your code, thereby producing a more refined and robust end product.

Requirements for Android Developer Tools

Android is very different from other mobile platforms currently available. It is not managed by a single organization, but by a group of companies named the “Open Handset Alliance,” which is committed to providing a mobile OS that is free, complete, and open source. While this approach ensures decentralized control of the platform, it does create some complexities. These include:

Multiple screen sizes

Android devices come in a multitude of different screen sizes. Success of your appcan hinge upon how your app looks across devices.


It is up to the carrier and manufacturer to update their devices when a new version of the OS and runtime are released, which doesn’t always happen in a timely manner. It is therefore necessary to support older versions of the OS and runtime.

Different hardware capabilities

Android phones come in all shapes, sizes, and capabilities. It is necessary to ensure that you degrade unsupported features gracefully when the hardware is limited. Another important consideration is the particular hardware components on which you can or cannot rely (for instance, some devices don’t have cameras, GPS sensors, or keyboards).

Resource limitations

Developing applications targeted to the mobile environment is different from developing for the desktop. CPU speed and memory are limited compared to desktops or servers. Mobile device users don’t put up with apps that tie up their devices (blocking the UI), consume too many resources, or crash their devices.



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