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Android NDK Beginner’s Guide by Sylvain Ratabouil

The short history of computing machines has witnessed some major events, which forever transformed our usage of technology. From the first massive main frames to the democratization of personal computers, and then the interconnection of networks. Mobility is the next revolution. Like the primitive soup, all the ingredients are now gathered: an ubiquitous network, new social, professional and industrial usages, a powerful technology. A new period of innovation is blooming right now in front of our eyes. We can fear it or embrace it, but it is here, for good!

Who this book is for

Are you an Android Java programmer who needs more performance? Are you a C/C++ developer who doesn't want to bother with Java stuff and its out-of-control garbage collector? Do you want to create fast intensive multimedia applications or games? Answer yes to any of the above questions and this book is for you. With some general knowledge of C/C++ development, you will be able to dive head first into native Android development.



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