AngularJS: Novice to Ninja: Elegant, Powerful, Testable, Extendable

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AngularJS: Novice to Ninja: Elegant, Powerful, Testable, Extendable by Sandeep Panda

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AngularJS is an open source jаvascript framework that lets you create amazing AJAX-based web apps. Generally, the complexity involved in building large-scale and complex AJAX apps is tremendous. AngularJS aims to minimize this complexity by offering a great environment for development, as well as the means to test your apps.

As a client-sideMVW(Model-View-Whatever) framework, one of the most powerful features of AngularJS is its ability to bring structure to your web apps. Another nice thing about AngularJS is that it extends the HTML vocabulary to make it suitable for building web apps, enabling you to create them declaratively; the resulting code is clean and very readable.

AngularJS ships with many great features out of the box, which you'll use in your day-to-day programming. It supports two-way data binding, nice templating, easy REST interaction, custom component creation, multiple views, routing, and much more. AngularJS also plays well with other libraries and frameworks. For example, you can combine jQuery and AngularJS together to create awesome web applications. AngularJS also demands no commitment. You can include Angular in your web page and use as many features as you like. If you need only the two-way data binding, but no REST interaction, you can employ that feature alone.

AngularJS favors Test Driven Development very much, and features great support for both unit and end-to-end testing. But it also takes debugging very seriously. In 2012, the AngularJS team released a Chrome plugin called Batarang which makes the debugging process a breeze. As a result, the products you develop with AngularJS are very robust and maintainable.

For these reasons (and many more that we'll discuss during the course of this book), AngularJS is one of the top choices when it comes to Single Page App development. You're going to enjoy working with AngularJS!



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