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Apache Hive Essentials by Dayong Du

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With an increasing interest in big data analysis, Hive over Hadoop becomes a cutting-edge data solution for storing, computing, and analyzing big data. The SQL-like syntax makes Hive easier to learn and popularly accepted as a standard for interactive SQL queries over big data. The variety of features available within Hive provides us with the capability of doing complex big data analysis without advanced coding skills. The maturity of Hive lets it gradually merge and share its valuable architecture and functionalities across different computing frameworks beyond Hadoop.

Apache Hive Essentials prepares your journey to big data by covering the introduction of backgrounds and concepts in the big data domain along with the process of setting up and getting familiar with your Hive working environment in the first two chapters. In the next four chapters, the book guides you through discovering and transforming the value behind big data by examples and skills of Hive query languages. In the last four chapters, the book highlights well-selected and advanced topics, such as performance, security, and extensions as exciting adventures for this worthwhile big data journey.

Who this book is for

If you are a data analyst, developer, and user who wants to use Hive to explore and analyze data in Hadoop, this is the book for you. Whether you are new to big data or an expert, you will be able to master both the basic and the advanced features of Hive. Since Hive is an SQL-like language, some previous experience with the SQL language and database is useful to have a better understanding of this book.



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