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Apache Kafka by Nishant Garg

This book is here to help you get familiar with Apache Kafka and use it to solve your challenges related to the consumption of millions of messages in publisher-subscriber architecture. It is aimed at getting you started with a feel for programming with Kafka so that you will have a solid foundation to dive deep into its different types of implementations and integrations.

In addition to an explanation of Apache Kafka, we also offer a chapter exploring Kafka integration with other technologies such as Apache Hadoop and Storm. Our goal is to give you an understanding of not just what Apache Kafka is, but also how to use it as part of your broader technical infrastructure.

Who this book is for

This book is for readers who want to know about Apache Kafka at a hands-on level; the key audience is those with software development experience but no prior exposure to Apache Kafka or similar technologies.

This book is also for enterprise application developers and big data enthusiasts who have worked with other publisher-subscriber-based systems and now want to explore Apache Kafka as a futuristic scalable solution.



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