App Inventor 2: Create Your Own Android Apps, 2nd Edition

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App Inventor 2: Create Your Own Android Apps, 2nd Edition by David Wolber

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You’re on your regular running route, just jogging along, and an idea for the next killer mobile app hits you. All the way home, you don’t even care what your time is, all you can think about is getting your idea out there. But how exactly do you do that? You’re no programmer, and that would take years, and time is money, and...well, someone has probably done it already anyway. Just like that, your idea is dead in the water.

Now imagine a different world, where creating apps doesn’t require years of programming experience, where artists, scientists, humanitarians, health-care workers, attorneys, firefighters, marathon runners, football coaches, and people from all walks of life can create apps. Imagine a world where you can transform ideas into prototypes without hiring programmers, where you can make apps that work specifically for you, where you can adapt mobile computing to fit your personal needs.

This is the world of App Inventor, a visual programming tool for building mobile apps. Based on a visual “blocks” programming method that’s proven successful even with kids, App Inventor dramatically lowers the barriers to creating apps for Android phones and devices. How about a video game where the characters look like you and your friends? Or a “did you pick up the milk?” app that reminds you if it’s after 3 p.m. and you’re near the grocery store? Or a quiz app you give your significant other that’s in fact a surprise marriage proposal? “Question 4: Will you marry me? Press the button to accept by sending a text message.” Someone really created an App Inventor app to propose marriage like this, and she said yes!



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