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Application Development with Parse using iOS SDK by Bhanu Birani

Parse is a go-to solution to provide you with a strong and reliable backend service for all the major desktop and mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, jаvascript, OS X, and Windows 8. Parse provides you with the SDK for all platforms, which helps you to provide a strong and reliable backend in no time.

The Parse SDK provides you with an independent way to create your application, without having any dependency on server-side code, and a huge web-service code. Parse emphasizes rapid application development. It significantly accelerates the development process. The Parse platform is easy-to-use, scalable, and reliable.

This book will teach you the fundamentals of how to get started with application development using the Parse SDK. As this book is meant to quickly get you familiar with all the important aspects of the Parse SDK, it will cover lots of subjects very quickly. Throughout the book, we will be dealing with the direct implementations using effective examples and code. This approach will help you to run the example code and integrate the same thing to your project quickly.

Working with the Parse SDK is easy; this will allow you to create your application in no time. The book explains all the topics using code and lots of useful tips explaining every little part.

One of the greatest key points is the Cloud code, where you can place all your code that requires heavy operations. It's useful for multiplatform app development as well, which allows the entire platform to use the same set of code. The Parse Cloud also allows you to host your website, and along with that Parse provides you with prebuilt e-mail verification and reset password mails. Using these services you can send verification mails to a user to verify their e-mail address and reset their passwords respectively.

Who this book is for

If you want to instantly develop an application without being dependent on external web services then this book is for you, as in this book you will learn about Parse, which serves as a backend service. It's a cloud-based platform that takes everything from your head and provides you with the SDK to integrate it into different environments.

This book uses Objective-C as its main language, so some basic knowledge of Objective-C is a must. This book assumes that you understand the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, and programming in general.

This book is designed to get you started using the Parse SDK instantly, so you should be familiar with iPhone/iPad development. The iPhone is a great platform for programming. It looks nice and feels nice. Parse solves your data storage issues and dependency over the web services, and reduces the project development cost and time.



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