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Arch Linux Environment set-up How-To by Ike Devolder

Arch Linux is an independently developed, general purpose GNU/Linux distribution, optimized for i686/x86-64 systems. The distribution is versatile enough to suit you in any role/need. It has been designed focusing on simplicity, code elegance, and "do-it-yourself" principles. The basic installation of Arch Linux is a very minimal base system. From the base system, everything can and will be configured by the user to suit their ideal environment, suited for their own unique purposes. The supported method of configuration is from the shell editing simple text files. Being a rolling-release distribution, there are no fixed releases. From time to time there are new install images provided by the Release Engineering Team, so that the installation media suits the new features introduced over time. Because of this rolling-release model, Arch Linux provides you with bleeding-edge software, typically the latest stable versions available. Pacman is the package manager of Arch Linux, which is designed to be an easy to use binary package manager.



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