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Azure Databricks Cookbook: Accelerate and scale real-time analytics solutions using the Apache Spark-based analytics service by Phani Raj

Azure Databricks provides the latest and older versions of Apache Spark and allows you to integrate with various Azure resources for orchestrating, deploying, and monitoring your big data solution. This book shows you how you can ingest and transform data coming from various sources and formats and build a modern data warehouse solution that meets the demands of near real-time data requirements in the data warehouse.

You will begin with how to spin up an Azure Databricks service and what cluster options are available. You will gain knowledge of how to process data from various files formats and sources, including Kafka, Event Hub, Azure SQL Databases, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Cosmos DB. Once you know how to read and write data from and to various sources, you will be building end-to-end big data solutions using large datasets and streaming data.

Once the big data solution has been built, you will learn how to deploy notebooks to various environments such as UAT and production. Later on, you will learn security aspects associated with data isolation, where you will learn how to restrict access to the data in ADLS that AAD users can see while reading the data from Azure Databricks. Finally, you will learn how to monitor your Azure Databricks cluster utilization by learning about Ganglia reports.

Who this book is for

This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to ingest and process data from various Azure sources using Azure Databricks and build a modern data warehouse. This book takes a recipe-based approach to help you learn how to ingest, process, secure, deploy, and monitor the big data solution you have built on Azure Databricks. Working knowledge of Spark and a familiarity with the basics of Azure should be sufficient to get started on this book.



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