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PowerPoint For Dummies, Office 2021 Edition by Doug Lowe

Welcome to PowerPoint For Dummies, Office 2021 Edition, the book written especially for people who are lucky enough to use the latest and greatest version of PowerPoint and want to find out just enough to finish that presentation that was due yesterday.

Did you give up on PowerPoint a long time ago because all your presentations look like they’ve been recycled from the ’90s? Have you often wished that you could create presentations that drive home your point with simple and concise illustrations that don’t look silly, cheesy, or just plain awful? Do you find PowerPoint too difficult to use? Do you long for the good old days of flip charts and dry-erase markers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re holding the perfect book right here in your formerly Magic Marker–stained hands. Help is here, within these humble pages.

This book talks about PowerPoint in everyday — and often irreverent — terms. No lofty prose here; the whole thing checks in at about the fifth-grade reading level. I have no Pulitzer expectations for this book. My goal is to make an otherwise dull and lifeless subject at least tolerable — and maybe even kind of fun.



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