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macOS Monterey For Dummies by Bob LeVitus

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You made the right choice twice: macOS Monterey (version 12.0) and this book. Take a deep breath and get ready to have a rollicking good time. That’s right. This is a computer book, but it’s fun. What a concept! Whether you’re brand-spanking new to the Mac or a grizzled Mac vet, I guarantee that reading this book to discover the ins and outs of macOS Monterey will make learning easy. If it weren’t true, I couldn’t say it right on the cover!

About This Book

This book’s roots lie with my international best seller Macintosh System 7.5 For Dummies, an award-winning book so good that long-deceased Mac clone-maker Power Computing gave away a copy with every Mac clone it sold in the ’90s (back when clones were a thing).

macOS Monterey For Dummies is the latest revision and has been, once again, completely updated for macOS Monterey. In other words, this edition combines all the old, familiar features of literally dozens of previous editions — but, as always, I’ve lovingly updated every word to reflect the latest from Apple and feedback from my readers. Speaking of which, if you have comments — good or bad — please email me at!

Why write a For Dummies book about Monterey? Well, Monterey is a big, somewhat complicated personal-computer operating system. So, macOS Monterey For Dummies, a not-so-big, not-too-complicated book, shows you what Monterey is all about without boring you to tears or poking you with sharp objects.

In fact, I think you’ll be so darned comfortable that I wanted the title to be macOS Monterey Made Easy, but the publishers wouldn’t let me. Apparently, my publisher has rules, and using Dummies in this book’s title is one of them.

And speaking of dummies — remember, that’s just a word. I don’t think you’re a dummy at all — quite the opposite! My second choice for this book’s title was macOS Monterey For People Smart Enough to Know They Need This Book, but you can just imagine what Wiley thought of that.

The book is chock-full of information and advice, explaining everything you need to know about macOS Monterey in language you can understand — along with time-saving tips, tricks, techniques, and step-by-step instructions, all served up in generous quantities.

Another rule we Dummies authors must follow is that our books cannot exceed a certain number of pages. (Brevity is the soul of wit, and all that.) So, while I wish I could have included some things that didn’t fit, I feel confident you’ll find what you need to know about using macOS Monterey in this book.

Still, a few things bear further looking into, such as these:

- Information about many of the applications (programs) that come with macOS Monterey: An installation of macOS Monterey includes nearly 60 applications, mostly located in the Applications and Utilities folders. I’d love to walk you through each one of them, but that would have required a book a whole lot bigger, heavier, and more expensive than this one.

I brief you on the handful of bundled applications essential to using macOS Monterey — namely, Calendar, Contacts, Messages, Mail, Safari, Siri, TextEdit, and the like — as well as several important utilities you may need to know how to use someday.

- Information about Microsoft Office, Apple lifestyle and productivity apps (iMovie, Numbers, Pages, GarageBand, and so on), Adobe Photoshop, Quicken, and other third-party applications: Okay, if all the gory details of all the bundled (read: free) macOS Monterey applications don’t fit here, I think you’ll understand why digging into third-party applications that cost extra was out of the question.

- Information about programming for the Mac: This book is about using macOS Monterey, not writing code for it. Dozens of books — most of which are two or three times the size of this one — cover programming on the Mac.

Within this book, you may note that some web addresses break across two lines of text. If you’re reading this book in print and want to visit one of these web pages, simply key in the web address exactly as it’s noted in the text, pretending as though the line break doesn’t exist. If you’re reading this as an e-book, you’ve got it easy — just click the web address to be taken directly to the web page.



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