Android Smartphones For Seniors For Dummies

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Android Smartphones For Seniors For Dummies by Marsha Collier

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This book is for you, even if you’re not a senior. You no doubt live a busy life and may rarely have the desire (or time) to learn to operate every last feature of your Android smartphone. Android has so many options, and in this book, I share some of my favorites, some hidden nuggets, and some basic tricks for beginning (and not-so-beginning) users.

I’ve met too many people who refuse to learn anything regarding technology, and it upsets me. As you grow older (don’t we all?), improving cognitive abilities is a top way to fend off mental decline. What better way to boost brainpower than to master the tiny computer in your pocket? Challenge yourself — think of spending time on your smartphone as a form of self-care (and having fun at the same time).

Hopefully, this book can keep you from making embarrassing calls to your kids to “fix” your phone. And even better — this book might help you teach your kids a trick or two. My editors don’t necessarily identify with the over 55 crowd, but even they found some good ideas in this book.

So, buy the book. I know we’ll have fun learning together.



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