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Final Cut Pro X Cookbook by Cox Jason

As technology becomes more and more accessible and easier to use, we are expected to do more in less time than ever before. Video editors are now expected to be able to not only edit, but create motion graphics, fix sound issues, enhance image quality and color, and more. And many workers in the PR and marketing world are finding the need to know how to get viral videos made from start to finish, as quickly as possible. Final Cut Pro X was built as a one-stop shop, with all the tools needed to produce a professional video from beginning to end.

Released in June 2011, FCPX's life got off to a bumpy start as many professionals were taken by surprise by Apple's dramatic shift in the user interface and feature set from Final Cut Pro 7. Some of these claims were merely a knee-jerk reaction and some were genuinely valid. At first glance, the interface resembled Final Cut's baby sibling, iMovie, leading to assumptions that Final Cut had been dumbed down. While the interface does indeed resemble iMovie, we must keep in mind that iMovie's current interface was designed in 2007 whereas Final Cut's interface was designed in the late 90s. So the reality of it is, on the surface, iMovie did have a superior, more modern interface to Final Cut's dated one.

As for the feature set, what pro features FCPX lacked when it was first released were quickly added via free software updates over the course of the next year. What started off as a bumpy ride has since smoothed out to a solid path and choice for both amateur and professional video editors. And with massive and extensive plug-in support found on Internet, FCPX's feature set continues to grow on nearly a daily basis. This isn't Final Cut Pro 8. This is a whole new generation of editing.



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