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Automating Workflows with GitHub Actions: Automate software development workflows and seamlessly deploy your applications using GitHub Actions by Priscila Heller

GitHub Actions is an elegant solution to help anyone involved in the software development lifecycle automate everyday tasks and use their resources more efficiently.

This is the ultimate guide to accompany you on your journey of learning about and applying the benefits of keeping your code and automation pipelines in one single place. By the end of this book, you will have all the knowledge you need to implement CI/CD using GitHub Actions.

Who this book is for

This book was specially written for beginner users of GitHub and GitHub Actions in general.

This book is also for anyone who is involved in the software development lifecycle, for readers who are curious about what GitHub Actions is, and what can be accomplished with it, and for anyone who wants to learn a new skill that will help their career in software development.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Learning the Foundations of GitHub Actions, introduces GitHub, YAML, and other concepts that are the foundation of GitHub Actions.

Chapter 2, Deep-Diving into GitHub Actions, presents specific concepts, components, and characteristics of GitHub Actions in more detail.

Chapter 3, A Closer Look at Workflows, presents in-depth information about workflows, the core of GitHub Actions. This chapter includes several real-life examples.

Chapter 4, Working with Self-Hosted Runners, gives an overview of what self-hosted runners are, how to create an environment to host runners, and creating a workflow that uses a self-hosted runner.

Chapter 5, Writing Your Own Actions, guides you on creating actions of all three kinds: Docker, jаvascript, and composite run steps.

Chapter 6, Marketplace: Finding Existing Actions and Publishing Your Own, guides you on how to find existing actions that were created by the GitHub Actions community, and how to publish actions that you create.

Chapter 7, Migrations, looks at how to migrate from other CI/CD platforms such as Azure Pipelines, GitLab CI/CD, and Jenkins into GitHub Actions.

Chapter 8, Contributing to the Community and Finding Help, covers how you can participate in the GitHub Actions community to both ask for and offer help.

Chapter 9, The Future of GitHub Actions, takes a look at the public GitHub roadmap and highlights GitHub Actions features that will be added in the future.



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