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WebAssembly for Cloud: A Basic Guide for Wasm-Based Cloud Apps by Shashank Mohan Jain

I start this journey with a quote from the eminent scientist and science communicator Carl Sagan. This short book introduces the amazing world of WebAssembly. The book’s main theme is to create a simple WebAssembly program from scratch and take it to the cloud. In doing this, you’ll gain a solid introduction to the valuable features offered by WebAssembly. Consider this book an introduction to WebAssembly and how it is powering browser-based applications and cloud applications. ‘To get the most out of this book, you should have a bit of understanding of cloud fundamentals and basic knowledge of programming languages like Rust, golang and jаvascript.

What You Will Learn

- Understand how Wasm can be used for server-side applications

- Learn about Wasm memory model and Wasm module layout

- How communication between host and Wasm module is facilitated

- The basics of Wasm sandboxing and security

- The fundamentals of tooling around Wasm, such as WAT and Wasm-pack

- Create a Wasm module in Rust and consume it from jаvascript, Rust and Golang.

- Grasp how Kubernetes can be used to orchestrate Wasm-based workloads

- How Wasm fits into service mesh

Who Is This Book For

Software developers/architects who are looking to hone their skills in virtualization and explore alternatives to Docker and container-based technologies for their workload deployments. Readers should have a basic programming background in languages such as Rust and Golang to get the most out of this book.



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