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Handbook of Research on Narrative Advertising by Recep Yilmaz

Advertisements attract most people because of the creativity of it, and as a consequence of this, advertising is one of the most important business fields of our time. The source of ad creativity is hidden in the storyline it contains. This book is about narrative advertising. The narrative might be conceptualized as to convey two or more events (or an event with a situation), that are logically interrelated, take place over time and have a consistent topic. The concept includes every storytelling text.

Advertisement is one of the text types that include a story, and the phenomenon conceptualized as advertising narration has gained new dimensions with widespread of digital media. The aim of this study is to annotate components of narrative in advertising, to reveal social and historical dimensions of advertising narrative, and interactions between advertising and other communication forms, to solve the problematics which appearing in theoretical and practical dimensions of narrative advertising. The study, in a higher dimension, is part of the concern to position the ad as a type of narrative. When it comes to such a purpose and a concern, it's necessary to work systematically to be successful. This handbook is part of a systematic effort in this context.

Handbook of Research on Narrative Advertising focuses on many dimensions dealt, from focalization to expectation horizon, from narration to narrative distance, from narrative space to metalepsis, from chronotope to narrative strategies, from characters to digital media, from typologies of narrative advertising components to its social and historical transformation process, from neuromarketing to digital rhetoric.

Objective the book is to bring together related academicians who dedicate themselves to find solutions to these problems scientifically and objectively and provide space for them to claim their opinions, put forward ideas or models and contribute to the field with their enlightening viewpoints.

The target audience of the book are policy makers, academicians, researchers, advanced-level students, school practitioners, and government officials will find this text useful in furthering their research exposure to pertinent topics and assisting in furthering their own research efforts in this field.

The book is designed as four sections: Components of narrative in advertising, social and historical dimensions of advertising narrative, narrative interactions between advertising and other communication forms, opportunities and threats in narrative advertising. Now let's have an outlook over the contents of chapters in sequence.



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