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Discovering Modern C++. 2nd Edition by Peter Gottschling

The infrastructures at Google, Amazon, and Facebook are built using components and services designed and implemented in the C++ programming language. A considerable portion of the technology stack of operating systems, networking equipment, and storage systems is implemented in C++. In telecommunication systems, almost all landline and cellular phone connections are orchestrated by C++ software. And key components in industrial and transportation systems, including automated toll collection systems, and autonomous cars, trucks, and autobuses depend on C++.

In science and engineering, most high-quality software packages today are implemented in C++. The strength of the language is evidenced when projects exceed a certain size and data structures and algorithms become non-trivial. It is no wonder that many—if not most—simulation software programs in computational science are realized today in C++; these include FLUENT, Abaqus, deal.II, FEniCS, OpenFOAM, and G+Smo. Even embedded systems are increasingly realized in C++ thanks to more powerful embedded processors and improved compilers. And the new application domains of the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded edge intelligence are all driven by C++ platforms such as TensorFlow, Caffe2, and CNTK.

Core services you use every day are based on C++: your cell phone, your car, communication and industrial infrastructure, and key elements in media and entertainment services all contain C++ components. C++ services and applications are omnipresent in modern society. The reason is simple. The C++ language has progressed with its demands, and in many ways leads the innovations in programming productivity and execution efficiency. Both attributes make it the language of choice for applications that need to run at scale.



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