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Arduino Sketches: Tools and Techniques for Programming Wizardry by James A. Langbridge

Arduinos have opened up a new world to us. Both makers and professionals use Arduino-based systems to create wonderful and complex devices to help to create fascinating gizmos. From the simplest device that turns on a light when you press a button to advanced 3-D printers, you can use Arduinos in just about ever y application.

To power all this, Arduinos use sketches—software programs that you design to complete your device. They communicate with the outside world and are logic behind your projects. To assist you, the Arduino environment has libraries—software that you can add as required, depending on your application or the hardware that you add. Each library is explained in this book with examples for each library.

This book introduces you to Arduino sketches, the software routines that you can use and the different libraries available for the different Arduinos that you will encounter.

The Arduino can be your canvas, and your sketch can be your digital masterpiece.



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