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Fix Your Own Computer For Seniors For Dummies by Corey Sandler

The way I look at being a senior is this: We got there ahead of the rest of the pack. Let those behind us get all excited over tweets and iPods and video games that simulate the challenges and joys of life. We’ve been there before — before there were computers, as a matter of fact.

When the PC arrived it was hard to imagine what its ultimate role would be. We played some games, we used it to balance our checkbooks, and we learned to put aside our dumb typewriters and use the computer as something with a new title: a word processor.

And then everything began to come together. The computer was connected to the telephone system and through it to a completely new concept, the World Wide Web (now more commonly known as the Internet).

Through that connection, the computer became a carrier of a new kind of communication, called e-mail. And over the same wire (and its faster cousins including DSL and cable television connections) came Internet video, Internet radio, and digital images.

And though Sears no longer sends out its huge catalog, the Internet as the replacement for mail order has become a major part of commerce in our society. There is very little that you (and your credit card or an electronic link directly to your bank) cannot purchase online.



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