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Animation For Beginners: Getting Started with Animation Filmmaking, 2nd Edition by Morr Meroz

I first wrote Animation for Beginners in early 2014, not too long after graduating from the School of Visual Arts. That year, I created a YouTube channel named Bloop Animation as an outlet for sharing my experience as an aspiring independent animator. That channel evolved into the Bloop Animation learning platform, which has since become a source of animation training for tens of thousands of aspiring animators.

Back in 2014, this was a very different book. The original idea was to create the book I would have liked to read before starting my animation journey—everything I learned from the perspective of a recent animation grad who has made two animated shorts. And that book did just that. It was a great resource for readers who wanted to know more about the process of learning and working in animation.

The second edition of this book, the one you are reading right now, aims to achieve the same goals, but expand on them. This book is double the size of the first edition; almost every chapter has been completely rewritten, and many new chapters have been added. This book now covers the process of making an animated short in greater detail, based on my experience of making three animated short films, including my film “Tasteful,” which was created by a team of 15 artists besides myself. Working on that film gave me even more complex production experience, which I was able to write about here. In general, I’ve been able to add what I’ve learned in the eight years that passed since the publication of the first edition, focusing on what keeps me motivated and the importance of creating.



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