AutoCAD for Interior Design and Space Planning

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AutoCAD for Interior Design and Space Planning by Beverly Kirkpatrick

AutoCAD has become the industry-standard graphics program for interior design and space planning. This program is used to complete the many contract documents (CDs) that make up a design project. Many design firms have adopted AutoCAD as their standard because:

• It saves time.

• Affiliated professions have chosen it so that they can exchange files and work on the same drawing.

• Their competitors use it.

• Their clients expect it.

To be successful in design today, students must be proficient in the use of AutoCAD as it relates to interior design and space planning. The need for an AutoCAD textbook geared specifically to this field is what led us to write AutoCAD® 2022 for Interior Design and Space Planning. This text, newly updated for AutoCAD® 2022, is divided into three parts:

• Part I: Preparing to Draw with AutoCAD (Chapter 1).

• Part II: Two-Dimensional AutoCAD (Chapters 2–13).

• Part III: Three-Dimensional AutoCAD (Chapters 14–15).

This new edition includes many features designed to help you master AutoCAD® 2022:

• The prompt-response format is clearly defined with numbered steps. This step-by-step approach is used in the beginning exercises of all chapters and then moves to an outline form in projects at the end of most chapters. This allows students to learn commands in a drawing situation and then practice applying them on their own.

• Lineweights have been carefully assigned to provide line contrast in all drawing exercises.

• Plotting is used in Chapter 2 to allow students to plot their first drawings.

• Chapter 7 covers updated ways to change dimension variables, as well as the recently introduced DIM command.

• Chapter 9 updates the process of finding and inserting blocks using the BLOCKS palette.

• Chapter 15 updates the sections on adding lights and rendering models.

• Exercises are geared to architects, interior designers, and space planners, allowing students to work with real-world situations.

• More than 600 illustrations (many printed to scale) support the text and reinforce the material.

• Screen shots and command grids help the user locate AutoCAD commands within the AutoCAD menus and ribbon.

• “Tip,” “Note,” and “For More Details” boxes give students additional support and information.

• Practice projects at the end of every chapter review the commands learned.

• Learning objectives and review questions in every chapter reinforce the learning process.

• An online Instructor’s Manual is available to support the text.

Organized around architectural and interior design–related projects, AutoCAD® 2022 for Interior Design and Space Planning gives students an understanding of the commands and features of AutoCAD® 2022 and demonstrates how to use the program to complete interior design and space planning projects. The book is appropriate for self-paced and lecture classes and covers both two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings.

Throughout the exercises in this book, steps numbered in color provide instructions. Prompt and Response columns in the numbered steps provide step-by-step instructions for starting and completing a command. The Prompt column text repeats the AutoCAD prompt that appears in the command area of the AutoCAD screen. The Response column text shows how you should respond to the AutoCAD prompt. Screen shots of menus and command grids show you how to locate the command you are using. Using numerous illustrations, the text captures the essence of this powerful program and the importance it plays in the interior design, architecture, and space planning professions.

Most importantly, this text was written to help you, the reader, master the AutoCAD program, which will be a valuable tool in your professional career.



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