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Expert Twisted: Event-Driven and Asynchronous Programming with Python by Mark Williams

Twisted has recently celebrated its sweet sixteen birthday. It has been around for a while; and in that time, it grew to be a powerful library. In that time, some interesting applications have been built on top of it. In that time, many of us learned a lot about how to use Twisted well, how to think about networking code, and how to architect event-based programs.

After going through the introductory materials that we have on the Twisted site, a common thing to hear is “What now? How can I learn more about Twisted?” The usual way we answered that question is with a question: “What do you want to do with Twisted?” This book shows how to do interesting things with Twisted.

Each of the contributors to this book has done slightly different things with Twisted and learned different lessons. We are excited to present all of these lessons, with the goals of making them common knowledge in the community.




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