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Pro iOS Apps Performance Optimization by Khang Vo

The book is meant to help you to sharpen your iOS development skills in a specific area: performance optimization. The book is intended for people who already have basic skills in iOS development and want to make the best application for users.

Insipired by the art of application performance, I spend time practicing, learning, and sharing a lot about performance optimization in different platforms such as the web and smartphones. I love discussing this topic with people. While spending lots of time in forums and iOS communities like Stack Overflow and the Apple Developer Forum, I soon recognized that the majority of iOS developers have the same questions on how to improve the performance of their applications. I thought it would be useful to put all common issues together in a well-written and well-structured book so people can easily get the whole picture of the iOS performance optimization problem. That motivated me to write this book, and I tried my best to cover the most common problems and mistakes met by developers.

Moreover, I observed and record in my own notes many similar problems between iOS, Android, and Windows phones. The final chapter is written based on these notes, and I think this chapter will be really useful for anybody who wants to work in these three platforms or shift from one platform to another.

When approaching a performance bottleneck, it is good to see it in different ways and strike a balance between the performance of the application and the difficulty of implementing the solution. There are subtle problems that cause people to make mistakes unless they know about the solutions beforehand. My hope is that this text will help you to avoid those mistakes, spend your time improving your application, and create a better experience for your users.



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