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Apache Maven 2 Effective Implementation by Brett Porter

This book offers a comprehensive look at using Maven on a project, covering not only the build system itself, but how it is best used in concert with other development infrastructures such as source control, continuous integration and build servers, and an artifact repository. We cover this territory using Subversion, Apache Continuum, and Apache Archiva, respectively, though the concepts learned should apply to other comparable systems.

In many ways, this is the book we've always wanted to write about Maven, and it takes a different approach to the existing Maven titles. Rather than being a reference or documentation for the software, it takes the approach of walking through a single example application and associated infrastructure in the same way that you would develop your own projects. For this purpose, we have crafted the example application Centrepoint—a simple but functional web application composed of several modules that itself interacts with Maven, Continuum, and Archiva.

We believe this book will not only show you how to use Maven, but how to use it effectively, covering concepts and best practices that should endure beyond the current versions of Maven and apply to your development infrastructure and teams in general.

Who this book is for

This book is for Java developers who want to get started with Apache Maven. If you are tasked with build automation in your company, this book will help you to quickly and easily get started with Maven in order to improve the efficiency of your builds.



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