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Arquillian Testing Guide by John D. Ament

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Automated testing has existed in some form for quite some time. Arquillian is a fairly new framework that has its roots around test-driven development and TCK validation for Java EE applications. Its use has grown into full-on application testing, supporting capabilities such as automatically seeding data to deploying to a large cluster of application servers.

Arquillian is a growing framework for automated testing of Java EE applications. Arquillian Testing Guide is meant to focus on how to use Arquillian to build automated test cases for your Java applications. We step through a large suite of the extensions available on top of Arquillian that you can add to your Maven-based projects to extend your testing capabilities.

This book starts with a quick drop into using Arquillian, and then navigates a little bit of testing history. We move on to Arquillian's container support and troubleshooting needs. We talk a lot about test enrichment strategies and capabilities that Arquillian adds to your test setup.

Who this book is for

This book is focused on developers and testers alike. Developers will find this book useful if they have previously worked with JUnit, are familiar with Java EE application development, and are interested in learning more about building more in-depth test cases.

Testers will find this book useful if they have used tools such as Selenium or soapUI to test their applications in an automated fashion and want to try a new tool. You'll learn some more about how to automatically deploy the applications that you test and use some additional tools to test more robustly.



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