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Agile Visualization with Pharo: Crafting Interactive Visual Support Using Roassal by Alexandre Bergel

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Computers are a formidable extension of the human brain: a computer liberates us from performing boring and repetitive tasks. Data visualization is a wonderful field where computers nicely complement what the brain excels at.

Conveying information through interactive visualizations is both a sophisticated engineering process and an art. When crafting a visualization, many decisions have to be made based on a carefully evaluated design aspect or a personal intuition. Either way, being able to quickly experiment with a new idea is key. Agile Visualization is about leveraging creativity by reducing the cost associated with building visualizations.

Visualizing data is probably the easiest part of the field of data visualization. Numerous books and sophisticated libraries exist for that very purpose. One of challenges of data visualization is to identify the right abstractions to build a visualization that is reusable, composable, extensible, navigable, and produced at a very low cost. Roassal is a visualization engine for Pharo and Smalltalk that leverages the experience of crafting and using data visualization.

Roassal is written in the Pharo programming language. All the examples provided in this book are therefore made for Roassal and are written in the Pharo programming language.

Since there is no better way than programming to craft a visualization, readers are expected to have some programming experience to fully enjoy Agile visualization. This book is written for a large audience, and it provides the necessary technical background as a starter for programming with Pharo.



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