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NSX-T Logical Routing: Fortify Your Understanding to Amplify Your Success by Shashank Mohan

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Have you ever felt like you can’t respond to a curveball question from a coworker or client? Have you ever lacked confidence or conviction in your responses? Have you not really understood how or why something functions the way it does?

I have. As a newbie to NSX-T, even with a relatively strong “traditional” networking experience, I found myself constantly seeking help online and reaching out to colleagues. I spent hours trying to find solutions that matched the exact situations that I was in, but two situations are rarely the same.

Despite having spent countless hours on various aspects of the product, I still did not have the answers on hand, and this irked me. I got frustrated with always being on the back foot and decided to take some action to change that.

First, I invested in a home lab. This has been, without a doubt, one of the best investments I have ever made. If you’d like, you can read about my “home lab” (www.lab2prod (dot) com.au/the-lab).

Second, I started to replicate customer environments, situations, and issues in my home lab. My lab is constantly evolving (and breaking), but this gave me a safe platform to test possible solutions and start to unpack how things work and develop a deep understanding of NSX-T.

Third, I started to document and share my experiences, as well as connect with peers around the world to learn from their experiences.

As a result of these actions, I am now able to confidently vocalize my opinions, repeatedly demonstrate my expertise in NSX-T, and maintain a strong reputation with my clients and peers.

The purpose of this book is to save you hours of research by giving you everything you need in one spot. It will equip you to figure out solutions to unique situations you find yourself in every day and amplify your confidence and success!



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