Practical Entity Framework Core 6. 2nd Edition

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Practical Entity Framework Core 6: Database Access for Enterprise Applications. 2nd Edition by Brian L. Gorman

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Entity Framework is the object-relational mapper (ORM) of choice for a majority of enterprise application development teams which are leveraging Microsoft .Net technologies. Through the years, EF has gone through a number of changes, and the move into the .Net Core world has seen EF become more performant and more user-friendly.

As this book begins, we’ll take a look at the state of things as they are and the state of things to come. We’ll begin the real work by touching on the two different approaches to working with a database using EFCore: database first and code first. After the first three chapters, we settle in on the code-first approach with EFCore and approach practical, real-world scenarios to help you and your team develop robust and rugged data solutions while learning the fundamental concepts necessary to effectively work with EFCore.

The great news is that no matter what approach to the database or version of EF you are using, with just a few minor exceptions, things will generally work in a similar fashion, so all of the information in this book is relevant to anyone working with Entity Framework.

Who this book is for

Practical Entity Framework is written for anyone that is new to Entity Framework or is still learning and wants to become much better with Entity Framework.

If you are already an expert or a well-established developer with a few years of EF under your belt, this book will likely not have a lot of new information for you, but there may be a couple of concepts that you would still benefit from reviewing.

Overall, the book is designed as a practical approach – which means that there is a lot of hands-on work to step through the moving pieces that are necessary to understand and work with EFCore, as well as how to approach architecting SOLID solutions around EFCore.

The practical nature of each activity will give you many examples and cover a lot of the basic and advanced topics you will likely encounter in real-world applications.



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