Statistical Analysis with Excel For Dummies. 5th Edition

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Statistical Analysis with Excel For Dummies. 5th Edition by Joseph Schmuller

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What? Yet another statistics book? Well, this is a statistics book, all right — but in my humble (and thoroughly biased) opinion, it’s still, after four editions, not just another statistics book.

What? Yet another Excel book? Same thoroughly biased opinion (still, after four editions) — it’s not just another Excel book. What? Yet another edition of a book that’s not just another statistics book and not just another Excel book? Well . . . yes. For the fifth time, you got me there.

Here’s the story — for the previous four editions and for this one. Many statistics books teach you the concepts but don’t give you a way to apply them — which often leads to a lack of understanding. With Excel, you have a ready-made package for applying statistics concepts.

Looking at it from the opposite direction, many Excel books show you Excel’s capabilities but don’t tell you about the concepts behind them. Before I tell you about an Excel statistical tool, I give you the statistical foundation it’s based on. That way, you understand the tool when you use it — and you use it more effectively. I didn’t want to write a book that’s just “select this menu” and “click this button.” Some of that is necessary, of course, in any book that shows you how to use a software package. My goal was to go way beyond that.

Neither did I want to write a statistics “cookbook” — when-faced-withproblem-# 862-use-statistical-procedure-#412. My goal was to go way beyond that, too.

This book isn’t just about statistics or just about Excel — it sits firmly at the intersection of the two. In the course of telling you about statistics, I cover every Excel statistical feature. (Well, almost every one. I did leave one out and, truth be told, I left it out of the first four editions, too. It’s called “Fourier Analysis.” All the necessary math to understand it would take an entire book to present, and you may never use this tool anyway. Perhaps I’ll cover it in the infinitieth edition. . . .)



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