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Async in C# 5.0: Unleash the Power of Async by Alex Davies

Async is a powerful feature added to the C# programming language in C# 5.0. It comes at a time when performance and parallelization are becoming a major concern of software developers. Used correctly, it can help to write programs with performance and parallelization properties that would have needed reams of code without it. However, what it does to your program is complex, and there are plenty of aspects to how it works that aren’t immediately obvious.

Excepting Visual Basic .NET, which added async at the same time as C#, no other mainstream programming languages offer capabilities equivalent to async. Experience and guidance in using it in real-world programs is rare. This book is the guidance from my experience using async, as well as ideas drawn from the designers of C# and computer science theory. More importantly, it shows what async is, how it works, and why you might want to use it.



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