An Introduction to 5G Wireless Networks

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An Introduction to 5G Wireless Networks: Technology, Concepts and Use-cases by Mr. Saro Velrajan

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This is the best time to be in the technology industry. With the invasion of technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud and Internet of Things (IOT), technology plays a critical role in accelerating the fourth-industrial revolution. The merger of biotechnology and information technology has a direct thumbprint in the evolution of human race and our society.

The explosion of mobile devices and mobile services has brought several changes to our lifestyle. Our world has become more “app”-etized, today. The changes in our lifestyle is creating a ripple effect, transforming the way in which our networks are designed, deployed and managed. An application is as good as the network that carries it. With billion plus applications riding on our network, our network infrastructure has to be faster, more agile, more programmable, more scalable and more intelligent.

5G is the biggest technology revolut ion in the telecommunications industry – built with an objective of catering to the demands of the modern society. 5G would fuel the transformation needed for the fourth industrial revolution – by powering up drones, smart cities, autonomous cars and robotic surgeries. This is the first among the several generations of mobile wireless technology that is not specifically targeted at mobile phones.

This book on 5G Wireless Networks, was written to enable the several hundreds and thousands of academicians, engineers, managers, marketing and sales executives to understand the technology better, to further accelerate the transformation happening around us.

Albert Einstein once said “If you cannot explain it to a sixyear-old, you do not understand it yourself”. While, it is hard to explain 5G to a six year old, this book is written with an objective of explaining complex technologies in a simple format for readers to understand better. This book captures all of the recent technological advancements in the 5G networks.

I would like to thank the contributions of the numerous researchers, standard bodies, software engineers, technology enthusiasts who have come together to standardize the 5G technology. This book would not have been possible, without their contributions.



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