Mastering Apache Pulsar

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Mastering Apache Pulsar: Cloud Native Event Streaming at Scale by Jowanza Joseph

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Throughout my career, I’ve been tasked with learning complex systems as part of my job. Early on I had to learn how to write MapReduce jobs and understand the intricacies of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and the Hadoop ecosystem; years later I learned early versions of Apache Spark. Today I’m still tasked with learning about complex systems for my job. Over the years, well-written technical blog posts, articles, and books have been instrumental in my ability to learn and to apply what I learn at work. With this book, I sought to create a resource that would provide a thorough explanation of the value of Apache Pulsar which could be long-lasting and fun.

Along with Apache Pulsar as a technology with its trade-offs and consideration is a broader ecosystem and ideas of event streaming. This book provides a nurturing environment to work through the event streams paradigm and provide the reader with context and a road map for adopting event streaming architectures.

Who This Book Is For

This book is targeted at two audiences: those who want to learn about Apache Pulsar and those who are curious about event streaming architectures. For the first audience, this book provides a thorough overview of Apache Pulsar, all of its components, and code samples for getting started with Pulsar and its ecosystem. For the second audience, it serves as a primer for adding Apache Pulsar, Apache Kafka, or another event streaming technology to your architecture.



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