Asynchronous Android Programming - Second Edition

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Asynchronous Android Programming - Second Edition by Helder Vasconcelos

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Whether you are Android beginner developer or an Android seasoned programmer, this book will explore how to achieve efficient and reliable multithreaded Android applications.

We'll look at best asynchronous constructs and techniques, commonly used by Android Developer community, to execute computation intensive or blocking tasks off the main thread, keeping the UI responsive, telling the user how things are going, making sure we finish what we started, using those powerful multicore processors, and doing it all without wasting the battery.

By using the right asynchronous construct, much of the complexity is abstracted from the developer, making the application source code more readable and maintainable and less error prone.

Using step-by-step guidelines and code examples, you will learn how manage interactions between several threads and avoid concurrency and synchronization problems that might occur when two or more threads access a shared resource to complete a background job, to update the UI or retrieve the latest application data.

At the end of this journey you will know how build well-behaved applications with smooth, responsive user-interfaces that delight users with speedy results and data that's always fresh.

Who this book is for

This book is for Android Developers who want to learn how to build multithreaded and reliable Android applications using high level and advanced asynchronous techniques and concepts.

They want to learn this technology because they want learn how to build efficient applications that are able to interact orderly with internal/external services and frameworks using Android standard constructs and APIs.

No prior knowledge of of concurrent and asynchronous programming is required. This book is also targeted towards Java experts who are new to Android.



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