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Modern Marketing Using AI: Leverage AI-enabled Marketing Automation and Insights to Drive Customer Journeys and Maximize Your Brand Equity by Malay A Upadhyay

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We all carry a brand; the one that we intentionally construct or is constructed for us over time. Some remain consistent no matter where we go, while others change with time, place, or audience. Mama’s kid at home, the cool one in college, and so on. At every step through every interaction, our influence on others - and our success by extension - is driven by our brand. And the personalities that speak the loudest and impact a set of audience the most are the ones that are clear and consistent in their appeal to that bunch - be it ‘coolness’ that a group can aspire to, or ‘niceness’ that another can love. Our brand never leaves us, and those who wear it best are the ones we consider authentic and trust. Organizational brands are no different.


This book is not a mere lesson on branding. Brand is a medium that has been used to explain and guide the readers on what it takes to grow and sustain a business in the modern day – be it rain or sun, Covid or no Covid. A brand journey, in many ways, is the journey a customer takes in his/her discovery, interaction, and bonding with a company and its offerings. And only in looking through the minds and eyes of the customers can an organization consistently deliver value and build lasting relationships.

That brings us to the second objective of this book. Over time, the art of acquiring and retaining customers has become increasingly complex, with various subsets of marketing, sales, and customer success now demanding a team of their own. Think product marketers, social media marketers, channel marketers, sales development reps, account managers, and more. For each group, the tasks involved have become just as complex, with a plethora of processes and technical solutions to use and manage. Our job, therefore, is to try to keep up with advancing technology, learn how to use it effectively for specific tasks, and focus on the micro-objectives that should align with work being done in other teams – all of which should ideally lead to customer growth and retention for the company. And while we are heads down on it, technologies like Artificial Intelligence continue to advance and automate more and more of these specialized tasks.

So, how do we change the prevalent system – one where we remain a useful asset while the company truly achieves its customer objectives? What we need is to be able to understand how each task, solution, or initiative can most effectively aid the organizational growth – and when it can’t - and to be future-ready so that we can move from being replaced by AI to managing the AI performing our original tasks. That is what leads to a win-win situation for all. This book is designed to help marketers achieve this goal.


The book is split into four sections – understanding the brand journey, attracting customers, winning them, and turning them into loyal fans. Each is laden with technologies that can be leveraged to achieve those goals. The authors bring together lessons from live use cases, two global B-schools, and an experience spanning four countries and six different industries to reveal tactics and skills that businesses need to grow, and that marketers today are expected to execute at work.



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