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Commercializing Growth: Connecting Valuation with Management and Gvernance Methodologies by Jerry Schaufeld

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The world of emerging commercial entities is accelerating at a breathtaking pace. Dimensions of modern commerce include rapidly emerging enabling technologies, Internet speed communications, and international market developments, to name a few. Impact on emerging companies presents a new set of opportunities and a chance to achieve the new attributes of being nimble and chance to achieve the new attributes of being nimble and adaptive. It also allows us to execute strategies that were not available to us before.

Beyond the commercial changes, there is a new need for a means of ascertaining value propositions of the entities. The author argues the valuation dialogue should enter the board room agenda on a regular basis. To do so, new tools and the metrics to measure the changes must be developed. The purpose of the corporate model is to create shareholder involvement and thus allow measurement of the changes in value on a regular basis.

This is certainly not a local or domestic issue. Internationally, value, growth, and its measurement are being debated. An example is given in Appendix A of this book which has been contributed by two colleagues, Shlomo Maital and Eliezer Shein, from the Neaman Public Policy Institute of the Technion in Haifa, Israel. It attempts to define a “checklist” for the process of articulating the process.

The importance of value-based organizational models and the need for both dialogue and the development of the tools needed to engage that discussion led me to write this book. I hope you find it useful and that the topics of growth and valuation cause you to engage them in your organizations.



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