Mind-Melding Unity and Blender for 3D Game Development

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Mind-Melding Unity and Blender for 3D Game Development: Unleash the power of Unity and Blender to create amazing games by Spencer Grey

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Space. The final frontier.

Don't you just wish you could fill it up with amazing video games that you make yourself? The Unity game engine by itself is a great tool for achieving this, but if you are an indie game developer, hobbyist, or student, you may feel limited because quality assets that make your game shine cost M-O-N-E-Y. Or do they?

The Blender 3D/2D modeling application removes this obstacle. Blender is a free, open source, battle-tested, and sophisticated tool that allows you to create an infinite number of visual assets for your games, limited only by your imagination and how much effort you want to invest.

This book takes you on a whirlwind tour of both Unity and Blender, teaching you to use both of them in a complementary fashion and touching on some of the most powerful features of each.

By the end of the book, we will wind up with a mini-game level for which we will have created most of the assets—animated scenery and an animated character—ourselves from scratch. We will also touch on ways to add polish to your games, such as audio, lighting, and post-processing. More importantly, the knowledge acquired in this book can be applied to just about any project in any game genre. Strap yourself in, it's gonna be a heck of a ride…

Who this book is for

I am imagining that you are an eager indie game developer, hobbyist, or student. Or perhaps you are a savvy industry professional who recognizes that this book is bound to become a collector's item and are looking to cash in.

At any rate, this book assumes that you have just a smattering of Unity knowledge, with the following at a minimum:

- Understand how all your assets live in your Project View

- Understand the Scene View and how to navigate around

- Understand how game objects appear in the Hierarchy

- Understand how to examine an object in the Inspector

- Understand how to add components and C# scripts to an object and run your game

Honestly, if you don't already have these skills, you can acquire them in about 20 minutes from one of the gazillion YouTube videos or books that cover them. This book assumes you have no prior knowledge of Blender. If you do, please sign up for a mind-wipe first.



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