Beginning Game Development with Godot

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Beginning Game Development with Godot: Learn to Create and Publish Your First 2D Platform Game by Maithili Dhule

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Game development is a journey of discovery and creation—it’s an art, really. With the right tools and knowledge, we can all be artists. What makes it remarkable is that it welcomes people with all kinds of talents; you can be a coder who makes the program work, you can be a designer who creates game characters and builds the game world, you can be a musician who adds music and sound effects, or you can be someone who does all of that! It gives you the chance to either work independently (earning the cool title of indie game developer!) or collaborate with other talented individuals.

Surprisingly, some of the very best games out there start with small teams or are created by just a single person. But this has the incredible advantage of giving you the opportunity to learn more. This is where books and resources on game development, such as this one, come into the picture.

I would like to take a moment to thank you, reader, for picking up this book. We’ll begin our learning journey together. While some of us may be just starting out in game development, some among us may be seasoned programmers who want to get a solid understanding of the basics of making 2D games with Godot. Here’s a glimpse into what comes next:

We’ll …

- Briefly talk about some design principles that are used by famous games to make them fun to play. We’ll discuss game engines and what makes Godot a great one for beginners and experts alike.

- Get comfortable with navigating around the Godot interface, and brush over the basics of GDScript, the main scripting language used in Godot.

- Play around with game physics and use the related concepts to animate and control our game character.

- Design the entire 2D game world, adding different collectibles that the player can collect and introduce enemies that the player can defeat.

- Create a simple system to keep track of the player’s score and lives, and create a mechanism to reload a scene if a player falls off a cliff or to load the Game Over scene if the player loses the game.

- Add some cool music and sound effects to our game, and design the GUI for various game screens such as the title screen.

- Export our games to various platforms such as mobile (Android), PC (Windows), and the browser.

- Learn ways to publish and monetize our game.

Now, let’s dive right into making our first 2D platformer in Godot!



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