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Decision Intelligence For Dummies by Pamela Baker

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Ready for a mind-blowing reveal on how to make great decisions, whether you’re using your own brain or some supercharged artificial intelligence application? Decision intelligence, a methodology for forming a decision aimed at achieving a specific outcome, is here, and it’s on track to change forever how businesses plan for their future.

Everybody would agree that the goal in all decision-making is to reap the best possible outcome. Decision intelligence helps you achieve that goal by requiring that you decide that outcome first and then work backward from there to identify the processes and information you’ll need to make it happen!

Decision intelligence is built on science — several sciences, actually — but some of those scientific formulas can be grasped intuitively. The decision intelligence process is designed to improve your professional performance by a) ensuring that every business decision delivers the best possible outcome, b) pointing you toward innovations that are profitable, c) helping you become an industry mover by becoming a creative disruptor, and d) enabling you to flip failed AI projects into successful endeavors. What’s more, decision intelligence can also be used to improve your private life via better decision-making, and you can often do it in your own head or on the back of a napkin or by using a simple table or spreadsheet.

The secret to success in decision intelligence lies in changing how you think about problem-solving and reordering your steps when it comes to the decision-making process. Ask yourself how much money, time, and effort your organization is willing to waste on yet another bad business decision or one more failed AI project, and then ask yourself whether you can afford to ignore a better way to make decisions — especially when you already have on hand much of what you’ll need to take advantage of a decision intelligence approach. It’s not often that you can turn your business around at little or no additional cost to you.



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