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Zero Waste Cooking For Dummies by Rosanne Rust

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Up to 40 percent of the food produced doesn’t get eaten. This is a waste of not only food but also all the resources it took to produce, process, and deliver that food.

Food and food systems have deep cultural roots, playing a major role in our lifestyles, celebrations, and livelihoods. My experiences interviewing and counseling people about what and how they eat offers me important insights into their “whys,” too. In some cases, food is a comfort, part of an identity, or simply a basic need. In other cases, diet is a form of medical therapy — in that dietary change can improve a medical condition or help manage a disease. In addition, changes in food choices are now made with the environment in mind. But for any of that to work, the individual must accept, and sustain, the change.

My philosophy about food and eating habits is one of reason. For dietary changes to have any impact — whether on your body, your budget, or the environment — those changes must be reasonable and doable. Extreme measures are rarely sustainable. Zero waste cooking can save you money and may even improve your nutrient intake. It also has a positive impact on the environment, reducing the overall methane emissions that result from the food waste that goes from your kitchen to landfills. This book aims to help you reduce your food waste, no matter what you eat.



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