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Automating ActionScript Projects with Eclipse and Ant by Sidney de Koning

Let me start by saying I’m a lazy developer by design. I’d rather spend a day to code something once than code the same task over and over again. The same goes for processes: why do repetitive tasks if you can automate them? Imagine all the time you’ll save. We live in a world where time is scarce and where project managers are breathing down our necks to get that specific feature, that deployment, or that project done now. Just think of all the stress it will save you when you return to that project you did a year ago and you can just build with the push of a button. Less stress, and more control over your workflow.

And besides that, computers were designed to do only one task for you: compute (and, if programmed correctly, help you solve problems).

That is what this book is аbout: giving you the tools and knowledge to set up your own “ultimate development machine” to help you code, compile, debug, and deploy faster—i.e., to automate the whole process that takes place beyond the initial programming.



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