Automating Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services

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Automating Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services by Michael Washam

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The Microsoft Azure PowerShell cmdlets are one of the primary tools in use today for automating Microsoft Azure from the Windows platform. The cmdlets take the native automation capabilities of PowerShell and add in the ability to provision compute and other services on the fly in Microsoft Azure. This mix of technical capabilities has truly opened the doors to cloud automation in Microsoft Azure, providing the ability to deploy solutions that are both complex and at scale.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for the IT professional or developer who has been tasked with deploying workloads in Azure. At some point in your project(s), either you will be required to use PowerShell or the temptation to finally dive into automation will pull you in this direction. This book does assume that the reader has some experience with PowerShell or scripting in general and has previous experience with Microsoft Azure. Of course, there are plenty of resources on the Internet and other books from this publisher that can help guide you on the way if you lack experience in either topic.



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