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Backbone.js Essentials by Jeremy Walker

We jаvascript developers live in exciting times. Every month we're presented with an incredible new browser feature, open source library, or software methodology that promises to vastly improve on whatever came before it. And then, just as soon as one new technology arrives, another almost inevitably follows it, promising still further innovation.

Amid this ever-changing landscape of new technologies only a very few libraries manage to stay not just relevant but essential over a long period of time, despite having newer challengers. For many web programmers jQuery was the first such library, but in recent years another library has proven itself to be similarly indispensable. That library is Backbone.

Backbone offers developers a wide range of foundational pieces from which they can build any manner of web application. From its simple yet flexible class system, to its event-based and AJAX-simplifying data containers, to its DOM manipulation and single-page user-facing components, Backbone provides everything needed to form the underlying framework of a site.

However, at first Backbone's incredible power and flexibility can be intimidating. When faced with over a hundred different methods spread across four base classes it can be challenging for a new Backbone developer to determine which ones to use and when. In addition, while Backbone is very "opinionated" about its core functions, it takes a deliberately agnostic approach to just about everything else. This allows developers to choose the perfect approach for their application, but at the same time all those choices can be daunting to someone unfamiliar with Backbone.

In this book we offer two things, both drawn from years of experience using Backbone to create and maintain a real-world web-based application. First, we will provide you with an understanding of all of Backbone's essentials. By the time you complete this book, you will have learned everything you need to create powerful and maintainable web applications using Backbone.

But at the same time, in addition to just explaining Backbone itself, we'll also explain the wider, "meta" level of Backbone programming. From advice on how to implement important details of your classes, to examinations of how Backbone can be made even more powerful when connected to the larger jаvascript ecosystem, we have endeavored to not only show how to use Backbone, but how to use it well.

Welcome to Backbone Essentials.

Who this book is for

This book is geared towards readers with a basic understanding of jаvascript and HTML and at least some familiarity with the jQuery library. While this book does not require any formal computer science knowledge, it does employ industry terms such as "reference" or "inheritance system" which may be unfamiliar to readers without at least some programming background.

If you are unfamiliar with jQuery, we recommend that you first read Packt's excellent Learning jQuery, by Jonathan Chaffer, before starting this book. If you are completely new to web development, you would be better served by first familiarizing yourself with jаvascript through one of the many excellent free tutorials available on the web.



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