Beginning Amazon Web Services with Node.js

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Beginning Amazon Web Services with Node.js by Adam Shackelford

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As I began to write this book, I found myself uncertain as to what type of book it would turn out to be. Is it a programming book? Is it a software architecture book? Or is it a guide to managing a scalable infrastructure? In the end, it turned out to be all three of these things, in some part.

The role of developer is changing as we move our computing power to the cloud. Prior to working with services such as AWS, I was a developer, rather than a systems administrator, and this meant there was a steep learning curve as I architected and built my first applications in the cloud.

Without question, I have benefited from the wisdom and openness of the larger developer community. But there are so many disparate themes and problems to solve on this topic that I felt I could make a contribution by untangling its many threads and organizing them into a coherent lesson plan. With this book, I hope to help other developers find their footing, as they gear up for their own projects in the cloud.



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